Kaftans or Caftans

ūüĆĶKaftans or Caftans are now very much part of the modern ladies wardrobe.

The fashion world have adopted this Ethnic Chic dress and it is now synonymous with glamorous party wear or pretty beach cover up.

Kaftan is originally an arabic word . They have been worn as a coat or an overdress by many middle eastern ethnic groups.

In Morocco Kaftans are still very much  worn by ladies on special days like wedding or others importants celebrations.

Traditionally they are made from silk or brocard and  richly embroidered.

ūüĆĶAt Hanout Boutique we have designed a satin silk kaftan that is the perfect alternative to the classic evening dress.

Our Touria Kaftan  declined in 4 differents colours : Beige, Navy Blue, Grey and Emerald Green.

Kaftans can also be related to the Abbaya an other Arabic designation for a traditionnal outwear and this time it is more a day dress cut in cotton or linen.

Hanout Boutique Hiba’s Bohemian Linen Kaftan is Hanout Boutique version of this everyday Kaftan.

As a Moroccan fashion designer I make sur each Hanout Boutique new collection has at least one or two kaftans new interpretations of the Kaftan.